Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Thorwin Math 1.5.0

I've just released Thorwin Math 1.5.0. This version contains some internal refactoring (not exposed in API) and changes to the build environment:
  • Matrix2x2, Matrix3x3, Matrix4x4 are no longer subclasses.
  • Vector2D, Vector3D, Vector4D are no longer subclasses.
  • Affine2D, Affine3D are no longer subclasses.
  • Replaced ANT with Gradle for building
  • Artefacts are now available on Bintray
Removing class hierarchy for various classes is in preparation of expected value-type support in Java 10.


Steven said...

What is the correct Maven depency? The one posted on https://bintray.com/thorwin/maven/thorwin.math/1.5.0 does not seem to work

Sebastiaan Hogenbirk said...

Have you added JCenter to your repositories?